AIA Advocacy Victory - 1099s Restored To Sensible Reporting

Last Updated: April 5, 2011

AIA Advocacy Victory - 1099s Restored To Sensible Reporting

Dear Colleagues:

Congress handed down an important victory for architects and businesses across the nation. In a bipartisan 87-12 vote earlier today, the Senate voted for a bill, backed by the AIA, to eliminate a burdensome and costly new paperwork mandate.

As you may know, the health care reform bill passed last year included a new paperwork requirement that had little to do with health care, but would have dramatically increased paperwork burdens on businesses. The provision stated that, starting in 2012, all business payments or purchases over $600 would need to be accompanied by a Form 1099 filing.

The AIA, along with allied industries, businesses, and associations, called for the elimination of this requirement and made it a top advocacy priority. The mandate would have disproportionately affected smaller firms, which would have faced mounting fees for tax preparation, or even penalties for non-compliance. These small businesses provide jobs, service the community, and create opportunities for every day Americans. We could not afford to burden small businesses at such a critical time in our economic recovery.

Thanks to the efforts of AIA members and countless others, Congress has now passed a bill that eliminates this provision, and President Obama has said he will sign the repeal into law.

To learn more about the AIA's advocacy efforts in Washington and around the country, visit our site and see our press release. You also can contact the AIA's government relations team at .


Clark Manus, FAIA
The American Institute of Architects

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