About The Value of the Hollywood Community Plan :: an editorial by Will Wright

Last Updated: December 13, 2011

In response to LA Weekly's story about the proposed Hollywood Community Plan -

In my opinion, the substance we should all be debating here is as follows:

How do we evolve as a City so that we optimize investments, conserve resources, lower greenhouse gas emissions, increase efficiencies, protect the character of our single-family neighborhoods, allow for more economic and demographic diversity in our regional centers, and incentivize design excellence and higher environmental performance?

How do we organize the metrics of regulation so that they provide more certainty and require less bureaucracy and tax-dollars to navigate?

How do we spend less on paper-trails and more on physical and experiential amenities that will improve the lives of all citizenry?

How do we as a City evolve so that we remain competitive with other world-class destinations?

How do we accommodate/ adapt our land-use and infrastructural habits to best fit tomorrow's lifestyles? What experiences do we want to embrace, and which habits do we want to discourage as we move forward?

What if 100 years ago, no one allowed the uses that we now find desirable and healthy in today's version of Hollywood? (Today, one can embrace tomorrow just like yesterday, one embraced today).

With those social, environmental and economic values in mind, I feel the Hollywood Community Plan is a strong first step in realizing a better City.

It is especially meaningful in that if we don't embrace the process of updating the Hollywood Community Plan, then we as a City (under the current structure of our Charter) have no other choice for how to provide clarity of vision.

Think about it: what does tomorrow look like? This is a 35 to 40 year plan. Do you move forward, or do you regress?

Do we lock our heels into the current lifestyles of today - or do we evolve, so that we're healthier and happier as a community?

-an expressed written opinion of

Will Wright, Hon. AIA|LA
Director, Government & Public Affairs
AIA Los Angeles

Last updated: 06-Apr-2015 12:37 PM
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