A Taco Truck, Three Artists, And a Couple of Skateboarders
This Year’s Hon. AIA|LA Recipient Answers the 2017 Presidential Honoree Q&A

Full disclosure: as the AIA|LA’s Public Relations and Marketing Strategist, I’m charged with coming up with the annual Q&A put to all Presidential Honoree Recipients. The vision of our executive director, Carlo Caccavale, Hon. AIA|LA, is that these interviews are inner views, accessing the personal and the professional.

As fate has it, this year, as the 2017 Presidential Honoree: Hon. AIA|LA recipient, I’ve been asked to fill one out myself—Tibby Rothman

AIA|LA: Favorite place to eat in Los Angeles.
Tibby Rothman: Any meal I’ve eaten with artists Ed Moses, or Melanie Berry and CR Stecyk, is always hilarious.

(Runner up: shrimp tacos at the Rose Avenue truck.)

Dream Commission. What current site in Los Angeles would you reconceive? Why/how?
We have a human rights crisis on the streets of Los Angeles. We have to stop the punishment of mentally ill people, the criminalization of homelessness. How can fining and jailing human beings, who want nothing more than safety, a roof over their head, to care for others once they are stabilized, serve them or the City of Los Angeles.
Shelter is win-win, by the way. It’ll up your property values.

The County of Los Angeles, through the Board of Supervisors, is doing important work here. #Grateful

We have a photo booth at this year’s Design Awards. If you could pick one Angeleno to have your snap taken with, who would it be, and why.
Mr. Olson keeps my head straight; Mr. Ngoho got me to write again; but Mr. Alva, who I know, but the least of the three, understands best the incongruity of the journey: SoCal ’70s girl makes good. He'd celebrate that. (Come to think of it, Tony Pleskow, Pleskow Architects and John Friedman, JFAK Architects doe to.)

Most influential piece of Los Angeles architecture to you. Include a why, if you’d like.
There are astounding pieces of architecture in our city—known, unknown—that influence me daily. But one, utterly changed my life:

20 years ago, knowing nothing about architecture, I was so transfixed by the timeless quality of a small Venice residence that I jumped out of a car and accosted the man watering plants in its backyard. I had to know more.

Only Larry Scarpa, FAIA, would not have me arrested. He became a friend, launched my career, and introduced me to all of you. Angie (Brooks), FAIA, taught me about the connection between design and policy. When Larry, commissioned me to write about his firm Pugh + Scarpa, it introduced me to Gwynne Pugh, FAIA, and Clay Holden, AIA, who are both are on the board now. No singular moment has influenced the course of my life more. Period.

Okay, a commission or project that you’ve done. What should we know about it, that we don’t.
Writing is not easier for writers than non-pros. The difference is: like Kobe Bryant playing with a broken finger, we're just used to suiting up.

If you had three hours off—or a full vaca—where would you likely be?
Full Vaca? With my friend Daeng, on Naga Noi, a small island off the coast of Thailand, listening to the BBC.

Three hours? The Hammer. Good Luck Gallery. Cornelius Projects. Craig Krull. Regen Projects. New Image Art. Hamilton Press. Help me, people, how do I pick?

Okay, this: The three hours I spent on Sunday afternoon, January 29, 2017 with thousands of Angelenos at LAX in front of the Tom Bradley Terminal was pretty fine. I have never been so proud to be an Angeleno. (Thanks for the call out that day, Takashi)
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