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T24 2017 Gets Real; Residential Energy Design Series Session #1

So you’re interested in what recent changes to Title 24 mean for residential commissions in your office? In January, as the first session of a Residential Energy Design continuing education series, Allen Construction sat down with AIA|LA members with a presentation designed to inform. If you couldn’t attend, here a takeaways culled from an extensive presentation by Scott Nyborg. Sustainability Manager, Allen Construction. He shares the entire PowerPoint on the topic right here.

  • T24 compliance is too hard to be treated as an afterthought.
  • Involve your builder early for cost optimization of energy performance.
  • Energy modeling can be used for more than T24.
  • Notable changes in the new Title 24 code:
  •       > High performance attics required.
          > Better wall assemblies required.
          > Tankless (80% efficient) water heaters is new baseline.
          > Prescriptive requirement for whole house fans in some climate zones.

The second in this series presenting essential information for designers to achieve Zero Net Energy and includes 1.5 HSWs is set for Tuesday | February 28, 2017. Register Here
Last updated: 15-Feb-2017 01:05 PM
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