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AIA|LA Announces Winners of Inaugural AIA|LA Architectural Photography Awards

Los Angeles, CA - February 2, 2017—The American Institute of Architects Los Angeles Chapter (AIA|LA)  is proud to announce the winners of its inaugural Architectural Photography Awards (APA). “Architects across the globe rely on photographers to transpose a design’s three dimensional presence into the single dimension of a photograph. These awards are a means to honor the photographer’s contributions to the field and to the profession’s individual practitioners, ” said AIA|LA Executive Director Carlo Caccavale.

Culled from over 200 images submitted for consideration, the eleven winning photographs (including one series of three images) represent the ‘eye’ of seven different photographers who depicted the built environment in locations that ranged from Hjerkinn, Norway to Yarra Glen, Australia.

Whether solitary structures photographed against desolate backdrops, visuals that highlight pattern, tightly composed interiors, or the recording of deeply meaningful place, the winning images “went beyond documenting a project,” noted jury member Takashi Yanai, AIA. “They told stories about the built environment.”

The 2017 AIA|LA winning photographers are:  

Honor Award recipients:  Darren Bradley, Tim Griffith
Merit Award recipients:  Steve King, Tim Griffith, Paul Turang, Affiliate AIA|LA
Citation Award recipients: Robert Brooke Sadler, Eric Staudenmaier
Best Series: Sandra Feller

For a slide show of winner images along with jury notes, please scroll down.

The process of obtaining the eleven winning images is as diverse as their locations and demonstrates the field’s commitment to craft.

Though Darren Bradley meticulously researched and planned a trip to the New Jersey shore to photograph modernism in the area’s resort communities, which he describes as “time capsules” for the style, his honor award winner Offseason almost didn’t occur.  When he visited the town of Wildwood, poor weather nearly turned the day into a wash. But as he was leaving, he saw the hotel that is Offseason’s subject and was attracted to its “contrast of the cheery colors against the isolation and sense of abandonment. It seemed like the perfect composition waiting for me to find it,” he noted.

Tim Griffith wanted to photograph mixed-use project Riverside 66, located in the center of historic Tianjin, China, from a view point above the city. It took days of negotiation with Chinese authorities to gain access but once given permission, he was allowed scant time to photograph his subject. He found himself stalling his minders but managed to do so long enough “for a sliver of cloud to open up and animate the expansive, glass facade against the city.”

Situated above the Arctic Circle, Norwegian architect Snorre Stinesson’s Sea Cabins is part of an outdoor recreational resort on a private island and was not going to be open during photographer Steve King’s visit to Norway. He credits access to them to “the unceasing effort” of his girlfriend. Though the couple were only allocated two nights and one full day at the resort, he used part of it to compose the highly edited picture which garnered one of the APA’s merit awards.

During the last week in January, 2017 AIA|LA APA winners were feted at a cocktail party hosted by Leica Gallery Los Angeles. Leica cameras are the results of fine German engineering. The lens of the renowned camera company are precision crafted masterpieces - practical, compact, ergonomic and cutting-edge for ultimate analogue and digital photography. “We are particularly honored to partner with this renowned camera designer and manufacturer,” noted AIA|LA Executive Director Carlo Caccavale. “Leica’s commitment to the art of the visual record is recognized by photographers globally.”

In addition to Yanai, who is a Partner and the Residential Studio Director of Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects, the 2017 APA jury was comprised of: Patricia Lanza, Director, Talent & Content, Annenberg Space for Photography, and the Los Angeles-based photographer Joe Schmeizer.

Honor: Darren Bradley | Offseason, Wildwood, NJHonor: Tim Griffith | View Hill House, Yarra Glen Victoria, Australia. designed by Denton Corker MarshallMerit: Steve King | Out Building 2 at Tverrfjellhytta Reindeer Pavillion, Hjerkinn, NorwayMerit: Tim Griffith | Riverside 66, Tianjin, China. designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox
Merit: Paul Turang, Affiliate AIA|LA | Hygge House, Winnipeg, ManitobaMerit: Steve King | Sea Cabin Interior, Manshausen Island Resort, Steigen, Norway. designed by Snorre StinessonCitation: Robert Brooke Sadler | Reflection Reading // Geisel Library, La Jolla, CA. designed by William Pereira (William L. Pereira and Associates)Citation: Eric Staudenmaier | Flight 93 National Memorial, PA. designed by Paul Murdoch Architects
Best Series 1: Sandra Feller | Urban Rectangles, Denver, COBest Series 2: Sandra Feller | Urban Squares, Venice, CABest Series 3: Sandra Feller | Urban Lines, Denver, CO

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Honor Award Recipients (photographer, image title, location, jury notes):

Darren Bradley | Offseason, Wildwood, NJ
“This photograph made an impression from the very beginning. Subtle details, interesting symmetry and composition. It’s orderly made into extraordinary.”

Tim Griffith | View Hill House, Yarra Glen Victoria, Australia. designed by: Denton Corker Marshall
“Very otherworldly landscape. Austere and modern structure creates an interesting juxtaposition with topography. The B&W choice adds mystery. We love the off-centered composition.”

Merit Awards Recipients:

Steve King | Out Building 2 at Tverrfjellhytta Reindeer Pavillion, Hjerkinn, Norway
“It’s a weird, interesting building: no doors, snow inside, it creates a very mysterious narrative. We love the element of snow in the picture, especially the shape of the snow at the forefront.”

Tim Griffith | Riverside 66, Tianjin, China. designed by: Kohn Pedersen Fox
“Eerie, Gotham-like treatment of this photograph. There is a strong intention to transform the building into a mood.”

Paul Turang, Affiliate AIA|LA | Hygge House, Winnipeg, Manitoba
“Quirky, fun and very appealing photo. What is happening here? What is this little open building doing there? It raises questions, it breaks rules, it allows the audience to create their own narrative. And, we love the color.”

Steve King | Sea Cabin Interior, Manshausen Island Resort, Steigen, Norway. designed by: Snorre Stinesson
“You want to be in this spectacular room. This photo speaks to the architecture and the relationship
between space and place is perfectly captured.”

Citation Awards Recipients:

Robert Brooke Sadler | Reflection Reading // Geisel Library, La Jolla, CA. designed by: William Pereira (William L. Pereira and Associates architects)
“We liked this photo from the beginning – it is simple but provides plenty of information about shape and graphics that really work well. Interesting process and post production, good alterations.”

Eric Staudenmaier | Flight 93 National Memorial, PA. designed by: Paul Murdoch Architects
“Unusual structure, interesting graphic nature and great relationship light/shadow. Well-composed and well-scaled.”

Best Series:        

Sandra Feller | Urban Rectangles, Denver, CO | Urban Squares, Venice, CA |
Urban Lines, Denver, CO

“We loved the curation of the submitted images, the juxtaposition between the neutral color palette and the subtle splashes of color in every shot, the simplicity of the shapes and the harmonic composition. The three images work very well as a well-curated mini-exhibition of their own.”    

About AIA|LA:
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