2015 AIA National Convention Election Results

Elections for the Institute’s 2016 First Vice President/2017 President-elect, 2016–2017 Treasurer, and three At–large Directors were held at the AIA 2015 National Convention last week in Atlanta. Delegates also voted on resolutions and amendments to AIA's National bylaws.

AIA Los Angeles wants to thank all our local delegates who represented your  Chapter and your region at Convention this year. Your extra effort and dedication--as well as your stamina and willingness to spend four hours of your Saturday at our business meeting--are greatly appreciated!

You can view bios for all newly elected National officers at

The resolutions are available as a downloadable PDF.

The proposed Bylaws amendments are available as a downloadable PDF.

For more stories on your 2015 AIA Convention, including AIA Firm Award winners Ehrlich Architects and the inspiring video "An Architect's Story" featuring Chris Downey, AIA, please visit AIArchitect.

2016 First Vice President/2017 President-elect
Thomas V. Vonier, FAIA

2016–2017 Treasurer
Stuart L. Coppedge, AIA

At-large Directors
Jennifer Workman, AIA
L. Jane Frederick, FAIA

Anthony P. Schirripa, FAIA

·        Bylaws Amendment 15-A, “Core Member Services and Formation of Sections by State Organizations,” passed.
·        The following resolutions passed by majority vote of those delegates present and voting:
o   Resolution 15-1, “Equity in Architecture.”
o   Resolution 15-2a, “Graduated Member Dues for Newly Licensed Architect Members,” passed, but was amended to make clear that graduated dues would apply only to Associate members advancing to Architect membership, and that they would apply only as to national (not regional, state, or local) dues.
o   Resolution 15-2b, “Graduated Member Dues – Pilot Programs,” passed.
·        The following resolutions failed:
o   Resolution 15-3, “Emeritus Membership”
o   Resolution 15-4, “Bring Transparency to AIA Voting”
o   Resolution 15-5, “Raise Minimum Standards for Membership Renewal”
o   Resolution 15-6, “7 World Trade Center”
·        The following resolutions were adopted by acclamation:
o   Resolution 15-7       Recognition of AIA National Staff
o   Resolution 15-8       Appreciation to Retiring Strategic Council Representatives and Board Members
o   Resolution 15-9       Appreciation to Members, Fifty Years
o   Resolution 15-10     Recognition of Newly Licensed Members
o   Resolution 15-11     Recognition of Component Executive and National Staff Service Anniversaries
o   Resolution 15-12     Appreciation to the Host Chapter
o   Resolution 15-13     Appreciation to Convention Committees
o   Resolution 15-14     Appreciation to Exhibitors
o   Resolution 15-15     Appreciation of Elizabeth Chu Richter, FAIA, and David Richter, FAIA

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