2012 AIA|LA Board of Directors Nominations

Last Updated: August 25, 2011

3780 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010, USA


Please note that per a vote conducted amongst the AIA|LA Membership, the Chapter bylaws have been changed to make the terms of Directors three years, arranged so that terms of not more than three Directors expire in any one year.

The AIA|LA Nominations Committee (Stuart Magruder, AIA; Ming Fung, AIA; Michael Lehrer, FAIA; Michael Palladino, FAIA; Randall Stout, FAIA) is pleased to announce the names of the following persons, who have been nominated as candidates for the 2012 AIA|LA Board:

VICE PRESIDENT / PRESIDENT-ELECT (one position available in 2012 / 3-year term):

  • Scott Johnson, FAIA Johnson Fain

SECRETARY (one position available in 2012 / 2-year term):

  • Ric Abramson, AIA Workplays Studio Architecture

DIRECTORS (two positions available in 2012 / 3-year term):

  • Kevin Daly, AIA Daly Genik Architects
  • Patrick Tighe, FAIA Tighe Architecture

AIACC REPRESENTATIVE (one position available in 2012 / 2-year term):

  • Margaret Griffin, AIA Griffin Enright Architects

In January 2012, the following members will continue their terms on the AIA|LA Board:


  • Stuart Magruder, AIA Studio Nova A Architects, Inc.


  • Andrea Cohen Gehring, FAIA DLR Group WWCOT


  • Hsin-Ming Fung, AIA Hodgetts & Fung Design Associates


  • James Favaro, AIA MDA Johnson Favaro
  • Michael Folonis, FAIA Michael W. Folonis Architect
  • Sharon Johnston, AIA Johnston Marklee
  • Kevin O'Brien, AIA Pfeiffer Partners Architects, Inc.
  • Stephanie Reich, AIA City of Glendale, Planning Division


  • Deborah Weintraub, AIA City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering


  • David Abel, Affiliate AIA|LA Abel & Associates


  • Associate Members of AIA Los Angeles who are interested in self-nominating for this 1-year position should click here for more information

Self-nominations process:

The AIA|LA Chapter allows for Architect-Members-in-Good-Standing to submit additional names for any of the open offices (Vice President/President-Elect, Secretary, Director, AIACC Rep). Each such nomination must be in writing and must be seconded via signature by four (4) AIA|LA Chapter Architect-Members-in-Good-Standing.

Properly executed nominations must be received no later than Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 4:00pm.

Nominations should be emailed to:
Stuart Magruder, AIA - Chair, Nominations Committee
c/o Nicci Solomons, Hon. AIACC - nicci@aialosangeles.org

Please contact Executive Director Nicci Solomons, Hon. AIACC at the Chapter Office if you have any questions about the rules and responsibilities of serving on the AIA Los Angeles Board, nicci@aialosangeles.org or 213.639.0777.

Last updated: 12-Dec-2012 01:27 AM
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