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For more than 150 years, members of the American Institute of Architects have worked with each other and their communities to create valuable, healthy, secure,and sustainable buildings and cityscapes. You can find a quick reference to member benefits, ongoing initiatives and the rich history of your association at this link.

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If you’re licensed to practice architecture in the United States, you’re invited to be a part of the leading organization representing the profession, The American Institute of Architects (AIA.)

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Recent graduate with a degree in architecture? Currently enrolled in the Intern Development Program (IDP) and working toward licensure? Currently work under the supervision of an architect or hold a degree in architecture? Faculty member (not licensed) in a university program in architecture?

You’re invited to be a part of the leading organization representing the profession as an Associate AIA (Assoc. AIA) member

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AIA is your professional organization, comprised of architects, associate members working towards licensure or for a licensed architect, and Allied Affiliate members like yourself who work as consultants, interior designers, marketing professionals, architectural photographers, illustrators, manufacturers, vendors, or in a number of allied fields.

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Individuals who are licensed to practice architecture in a country other than the US are eligible to become International Associate members of the AIA

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Free Associate AIA membership for up to 1.5 years after graduation. Now open to graduates of non-NAAB programs who meet certain criteria.

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Free AIA/LA Memberships for Full Time Architecture & Design Students.

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Member benefits for Architects & Associates with AIA Advantage

The American Institute of Architects is committed to providing the tools you need to be successful. In addition to a vast architect-oriented network of resources, your membership offers exclusive discounts on products and services through the AIA Advantage program to help you operate your business more effectively. Our partners are industry leaders that provide you with value-added offers and significant savings on products and services you use daily.

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Last updated: 16-Jan-2018 12:27 PM
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